Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 117 - Afternoon chuckles and retelling The Notebook

I love it when you're chugging along with monotonous work and feeling slightly flat after a heavy lunch, and lo and behold an email arrives in your inbox with hilarious demotivational pictures to lighten your day. Afternoon chuckles keep your head away from your knuckles!

Here are a few memorable ones from today's:

And here's a random funny Jon threw in!

Later on in the afternoon, I had a humorous chat (it was for me anyway) with Chan. He made the mistake of asking me about The Notebook. The poor guy had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Chan: Have you seen The Notebook?
Me: Lol yes I have
Chan: I've never seen it only heard of it
Me: You're missing out
Chan: Cbb reading the synopsis because its long and draining me, what's all the hype associated with the movie? Why do people talk about it or make reference to it?
Me: Perhaps you should watch it and find out
Me: It's a romantic film
Chan: Nah nah nah that's all I needed to know then
Me: I'll admit I've watched it a few times. When I watched it the first time with my best friend we sat there bawling even after the movie had ended
Me: It's very sweet
Me: Dramatised
(minutes later)
Chan: Omg
Me: Lol
Me: Did you read the synopsis?
Chan: Not really. I read that it was based in the 1940's and it went on and on so I stopped and cbb reading any more
Chan: Someone played a joke yesterday and made reference to The Notebook and I had NFI what The Notebook was about
Chan: I know people talk about it but I don't know what its about. Was told I was going to see The Lucky One
Me: Lol you poor thing. Same author
Chan: Ok thats the reference now I get it. What a crap movie The Lucky One is
Me: I think you should give The Notebook a go. At the very least you have Rachel McAdams to look at
Chan: But Ryan Gosling is in the way
Me: But it's Ryan Gosling.....
Chan: To a lady or a man that likes a man I'm sure it would be an ideal film to watch
Chan: A nice synopsis of The Notebook - a pure chick flick
Me: Yeah that sums it up
Chan: "Every girl's dream"
Chan: Omg
Me: Lol
Chan: I should have never asked
Me: There is one epic scene when they meet again after 7 years and he brings her out on a boat. They are surrounded by swans. Its a very stunning setting and they start chatting and sort of look at each other awkwardly then it starts pouring. They laugh and there is dramatic music and then she gets visibly upset
Chan: Oh no now you are reenacting events
Chan: Its so vivid for you
Chan: I was thinking that you might say the swans started attacking them
Me: When they get back to shore she storms off, then turns around and screams at him "Why didn't you write me? It wasn't over for me, I waited for you for seven years but you never wrote and now it's too late"
Me: And he explained that he did write
Chan: I have a fear of swans. I see swans and fear they will attack me
(completely disregarding his fear of swans)
Me: He wrote her 365 letters.. he wrote her everyday for a year
(minutes later)
Chan: Omfg
Me: And he says "It wasn't over, it still isn't over"
Me: And he goes in for a passionate kiss
Me: And they kiss and embrace in the rain
Chan: Why was he away from her? War? Army?
Me: War. She's from a rich family, he's poor
Chan: And where did the letters go if she never got them?
Me: It was a summer romance when they met. Her mother kept them from her, she didn't want her to see him because he was poor
Chan: Oh
Chan: Epic 7 years
Me: So epic
Me: But she was engaged to another man by then, a rich man
Chan: Let me guess that she was with someone else?
Chan: So cliche
Chan: And then she left the rich guy and ended up with him and they lived happily ever after?
Me: Sort of. The way the story is told it starts off with an old man reading an old woman a story at an old folk's home
Me: Later on it is revealed that the old man is old Ryan Gosling, and old woman is old Rachel McAdams. She has alzheimer's so he reads to her to help her remember
Me: Sometimes she remembers, sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes she doesn't recognise her husband, doesn't recognise her kids
Chan: I soooooo shouldn't have asked about it
Chan: I am getting a full synopsis right now
Chan: You can't get enough of The Notebook
Me: Bet you're regretting it now
Chan: Its in the memory bank
Chan: A display of sensitivity in a man can be demonstrated by mentioning The Notebook
Me: So if he groans when he hears The Notebook...
Chan: No groaning in front of a lady. Just going to have to suck it up
Me: Lol
Chan: Your retelling of that whole scene has given me enough of an insight of the film actually. I might use it one day
Me: You will reenact the scene?
Chan: Not reenact. Retell it having never watched the film
Me: You should probably know how it ends too then
(what seems like hours later)
Chan: Do I need to know?
Me: You've made it through this far. He crawled into bed with her at the old folks home. He can't stay away from her because he loves her so much
Chan: Oh my me
Me: And they die in their sleep in embrace
Chan: Oh
Chan: Thanks for the synopsis Sammie
Me: Anytime Chan, anytime
Chan: Lol

And just for fun, this is The. Epic. Scene.


  1. lol The Notebook kinda sounds depressing Sammie :P.


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