Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 118 - More of retelling of The Notebook and why I love Snowflake reason #20

  1. Following yesterday's torturous session of hearing me explain scenes from The Notebook in excruciating detail, poor Chan found himself in yet another conversation about The Notebook with me. Lol.

  2. Chan: Morning
    Me: Good morning
    Me: You know what I realised last night
    Me: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are surrounded by white ducks, not swans
    (what feels like decades later)
    Chan: OMG
    Chan: Now you tell me. And you didn't tell me the part that after Rachel asked why he didn't write to her in years, and that she waited all that time for him that they got it on
    Me: Lol it is irrelevant that they got it on
    Me: Why don't I send you the 4 and a half minute long clip of the epic scene
    Chan: No no that's not necessary
    Me: When they are in the boat, surrounded by ducks she commends him on how well he's done, he's bought the house that they fooled around in and built it up from scratch
    Chan: You watched it again didn't you???
    Me: And he said "I promised you I would" So it was Ryan saying he promised her he would that upset her
    Chan: Far out. Everything you have told me is news to me
    Chan: Now I have to start from the start again because of this new information on the scene
    Me: Would you like me to explain again
    Chan: No no
    Me: I'll happily give you a full synopsis again or you could just watch the 4.30 minute long scene
    Me: 4.30 minutes it's not that bad
    Chan: Omg

    A while later...

    Chan: There is a scene when Rachel and Ryan are rowing in a boat on a lake. They are rowing in sunshine surrounded by all these white ducks in the water. Rachel commends Ryan on how well he has done, as he has bought a house and built it from scratch. Ryan claims that he made a promise to her that he would. They chat whilst on the boat, and thunder and lightning begin to fill the sky. As they make their way back to land it begins to rain and it pours down. They both look at each other awkwardly. As it rains both Rachel and Ryan begin to burst out in laughter. They finally get back to shore and Rachel hastily leaves to boat and screams at Ryan. She asked him why he didn’t write to her, as it wasn’t over for her. She said that she “waited 7 years and you never wrote and now it was too late”. Ryan said that he wrote 365 letters, 1 for everyday of the first year. Ryan proclaims that it wasn’t over and it still isn’t over. They both move towards each other and come to an embrace. Then they made their way into the house where they got it on
    Me: Where did you get that synopsis from? That's great
    Chan: That is from what you told me, what my friend told me and a touch of Chan in between
    Me: Well done Chan. It's like you've watched it!

  3. Reason #20 of why I can't help but love Snowflake:

  4. She can be a very wise-looking kitty sometimes.
    Wise kitty
    "When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmmm?"

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  1. Respect for the Star Wars quotage Sammie! :D

    PS: By this point Chan would have saved time by just watching the movie to begin with lol.


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