Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 119 - Reflexes, breakfast at 3:30pm, macarons and sweet treats

Today, I'm feeling very thankful for...

...reflexes. I was off with the fairies daydreaming while turning on the tap at the basin, and when I reached in to cup some water in my hands, my hands instantly jerked backwards as I jumped, startled. I hadn't realised the water was scaldingly hot. It got me thinking about how incredible the human body was - how something as complicated as stimulating the receptors in the skin of our finger, conducting it into a nerve impulse that transmits to our central nervous system, and continues to transmit the nerve impulse into a motor impulse to cause the involuntary withdrawal from the pain and stop further damage - all happens "automatically" within the space of nanoseconds. All these intricate neurones and nerve endings and transmissions were formed from one single cell. Last week I took some time to marvel at the universe, today I'm marvelling at the universe in all of us.

...places like Hobba that serve breakfast until 5pm, so people like me can have it at 3:30pm.

...friends like Christean who bakes yummy macarons, meaning I always have access to a stash of them!

...having a boyfriend who not only showers me lots of sweet treats...

...but makes me honey joys as well!


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