Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 139 - Fat Snowflake gets mistaken for being pregnant

Snowflake wandered outside the apartment, and was rubbing her chin against everything within sight when someone had just come in through the front door downstairs.

Usually, she's startled and darts straight into the apartment. But not today. Today, she sat by the stairs and watched attentively as a pair of feet made its way up. It turned out to my neighbour who lived upstairs. Snowflake did not budge, which was very unlike her! She's usually freaked out by people she's never met before, more so if it's outside her comfort zone.

My neighbour sat down on the steps, and Snowflake started to approach him. She paced back and forth for a little while, then proceeded to headbutt his legs.

I had never seen her so friendly and sociable before! He petted her, and she made sure his jeans were covered in as much white fur as possible.

Then my neighbour asked, "She.... she's pregnant, right?"

LOL. I couldn't stop laughing no matter how hard I tried!


  1. Mmmm..i hear that very often..hahaha

    1. People ask you if Tootsie is pregnant very often?!

  2. lol thats hilarious Sammie! Poor Snowflake :P.

    1. If she were a human she would have been very insulted!


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