Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 140 - Snowflake my neckwarmer

When I opened my eyes this morning, Snowflake somehow realised I was awake, roused, and got up from the spot on my legs where she had been sleeping.

She started walking on top of me - having a 6kg cat trod on you is nowhere as fun as it looks - and she was heading towards my head.

Aww she must be coming to nestle herself against my shoulder or arm. She's been doing that a lot recently...

Ow friggin heavy cat stepping all over me.. ok she's awfully close to my face. Awww she just wants to give me a sniff.

Wait a minute.. err.. euaarghhh

Next thing I knew, she plonked herself down on my neck and then purred blissfully.

A 6kg cat lying on my freakin' neck! As much as I was croaking to breathe, it was hilarious!

I'm somewhat sure I'm going to wake up to her lying right on top of my face pretty soon.


  1. I still remember when you thought she was sick or something because she was being this affectionate! :P


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