Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 146 - David Attenborough marvelling at what a wonderful world we live in, nutella craving is satiated, Ladurée is opening in Sydney, free checkup and Korean stew on a rainy night

Here are a few things that put a smile on my dial today:
  1. Nothing better than starting out a beautiful new day (despite it bucketing down outside - expecting 1 month's worth of rainfall in 1 day) with this remarkable video to remind me to be thankful of all the beauty in this world.

  2. Finally appeasing my Nutella craving that's been hanging around for a fortnight. Nutella on white bread + hot cup of tea = win.

  3. Finding out that Ladurée is opening its first Australian boutique in Sydney in July this year!! YAY! Fun fact - the macarons will be shipped in from Switzerland. 

  4. Seeing my doctor for a checkup, for free..!  

  5. Feasting on a hot Korean stew filled with random bits and bobs like macaroni, spicy sausage, soft tofu, rice noodles, thin sliced pork, kimchi and more on a rainy night. 


  1. Just a heads up Sammie that you've doubled up on the numbering for post 145 :).

    What is it with girls and loving Nutella? lol

    1. I've completely messed up the numbering lol... maths is hard!

      Because Nutella is yummy :D


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