Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 151 - Rude toe, new Fancy Feast cat food ad, "thanks for scooping my poop" litter box hand sanitizer, strange cat and dog sitting pose

Here are a few things that made me laugh today:
  1. My toe gave me a piece of its mind.
  2. Rude toe

  3. Saw this new Fancy Feast ad on tv. I don't know what could possibly be cuter than a bunch of (very well behaved) cats sitting on stools around a sushi train with plates of cat food going past them. SOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE!

  4. I picked up this hilarious "hand sanitizer for litter box detox"...
  5. Post kitty litter cleaning hand sanitizer

  6. ...only to find Snowflake striking the exact same pose as the cat on the bottle!! 
  7. Sexy kitty
    I always thought this was her "hello there sexy" pose, but turns out it could be the "go scoop my poop" pose?!?

  8. Even stranger is coming across a pug also striking the same pose in an email! 


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