Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 150 - La Petite Creperie and Temper Trap

There are so many reasons why I love Melbourne, today I'm thankful for 2 of them:
  1. Fascinating new things continuously pop up in Melbourne, be it an art installation, a temporary dining spot like Greenhouse by Joost, tapas style eateries.. it seems almost every week there's another new cafe boasting of great coffee and brunch, or an opening of another fancy restaurant to further saturate Melbourne's dining scene. 

  2. Now and then, a gem comes along. This time it's La Petite Creperie, which has appeared in the form of an unassuming newspaper stand.
    La Petite Creperie, Melbourne
    Inside the newspaper stand holds this adorable setup of a cashier and the tiniest one-man kitchen. It smells incredible - I love how it sends wafts of sugar, butter and flour down Swanston St! It's staffed by French staff with cute accents (who wish you bon app├ętit when they hand you your crepe) and brings a touch of Paris to Melbourne's streets. That's what I love about Melbourne - its quirky enough to have something like a little newspaper stand transformed into a crepe serving booth.
    La Petite Creperie, Melbourne
    Choices of toppings are plentiful (and affordable. I almost got 2).
    La Petite Creperie, Melbourne
    Halfway through gleefully gobbling down my scrumptious salted caramel crepe while skipping along the sidewalk (err tasty food makes me a bit delirious), I had started planning my next visit. Freshly made warm crepe with steaming yummy filling on a cold night = omgwow big win.

    Opening hours:
    Monday - Thursday: 8am - 10pm
    Friday: 8am - 11pm
    Saturday: 10am - 11pm
    Sunday: 10am - 10pm
    La Petite Creperie on Urbanspoon

  1. A lot of great bands play in Melbourne. Today, The Temper Trap performed the first of their 2 sold-out shows in their hometown. What a homecoming they received, after touring extensively overseas for almost 2 years! 
  2. The Temper Trap at Forum, Melbourne
    By the time they were halfway through their first song, it was easy to appreciate how Dougy's alluring voice launched this homegrown band into an international sensation. And as they eased into the second line of Love Lost, I was already bawling.
    The Temper Trap at Forum, Melbourne
    They also had a pineapple shaker which I found very cute! The band delivered old favourites from Conditions and a few new tracks from their recently launched self-titled second album...
    The Temper Trap at Forum, Melbourne
    ...and at the end of the night, by the time they started playing the intro notes of Sweet Temptation, which was predictably left as the final song, the crowd seemed to explode with wild excitement. The extravagant, seizure-inducing theatrical lights, the booming chorus, choppy crowd and deafening sing-along was the perfect high-energy ending to a great show.
    The Temper Trap at Forum, Melbourne

    1. London's Burning
    2. Need Your Love
    3. Down River
    4. Love Lost
    5. Miracle
    6. Rabbit Hole
    7. Fader
    8. This Isn't Happiness
    9. Trembling Hands
    10. Dreams
    11. Science of Fear
    12. Resurrection
    13. Drum Song

    14. Encore:
    15. Soldier On
    16. I'm Gonna Wait
    17. Sweet Disposition


  1. That little French crepe stand looks cool! Whereabouts is it Sammie? Also as soon as I saw the picture of the menu I knew you would have picked Salted Caramel lol.

    Looks like it was a really good gig! Well apart from the tall people standing in front of you and the couple making out next to you :P.

    1. It's close to the corner of Swanston and Little Collins, it's such a great little place :)

      Haha that's sooo typical, it wouldn't be a gig without all the tall people that just happen to be in front of me, the PDA couples right next to me and crazies behind me!


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