Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 270 - Penguin cat, were Hanson high in the MMMBop video, Desert Story and smiley bees

Some silly smiles from today:
  1. Cute!
  2. Source: 9gag

  3. Stumbled upon this on a Hanson tumblr and the caption made me LOL.

  4. Source: 90kidsandcompany's tumblr

  5. At Dessert Story tonight, the guy at the next table kept shouting into his phone "I'm at Desert Story! Desert Story!! Ya I'm going to order soon. Are you coming or not? Are you coming to Desert Story??" As much as I wanted to reach over and punch him, it was quite amusing that he thought he was in a desert.

  6. Animals with smiley faces make me chuckle, because everytime I see them I always imagine a group of suits sitting in a boardroom during a brainstorming session and a few of them throw in ideas of creating a smiling animal for the brand/new product (and someone chimes up "Yes that's a brilliant idea! Let's get some concept drawings done!"), then a while later they've regrouped in the boardroom and are focusing on the presentation of a drawing of a smiling animal in front of them and making comments such as, "I like this. I think you have a winner here. It'll really appeal to the masses", "I think you should make its smile bigger", "This is really amazing. I love it. Creating this smiling bee was such a great idea".


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