Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 271 - Random girl wearing I Heart Hanson tshirt

Today has been somewhat of a distressing day at work. Vendor issues, contractor issues, invoicing issues, software licensing issues, unreconcilable financial/headcount/resourcing issues, non-compliance issues, general stupidity issues etc.

To make matters worse, this afternoon Chan and I discussed the case of Jill Meagher who has gone missing, we both hypothesised about her possible abduction, agreed over how dodgy Sydney Road and Coburg were, and pondered about how safe it was for a girl to be walking on the streets by herself late at night.

Then to make matters even more worse, I read about the brutal culling and slaughtering of exported Australian sheep in Pakistan. As I read the article, the line "Like a giant mass of wool, bloodied and filthy, they lay in trenches - slit open, stabbed or clubbed to death, while many still wriggled with some life left in them, soon to be buried alive", my heart ached, my eyes swelled up with tears and my mouth tensed.

I left work and walked home with creepy predators and bloody, half-alive, bleating sheep on my mind. My heart felt like it weighed a tonne.

Then I saw a girl walking in the opposite direction towards me, and she was wearing this tshirt.

Source: Polyvore

I was so surprised by this sight that I simply broke into a jolly laughing fit there and then.


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