Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 250 - Random things

Here are a few (really random) things that made me smile:
  1. Booking done, Momofuku here we come!

  2. Finding out that someone's absolute favourite piece of literature is a children's book called The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it was None of His Business. 

  3. Apparently the storyline consists of a little mole who gets pooped on while coming out of his hole, and sets out on a mission to discover the identity of the mysterious pooper. All the animals he runs into show him their differently sized poop to prove that they're not the culprit, and when he finally finds out whodunit, he seeks revenge by pooping on their head, before returning happily to his hole!!

  4. Learning from a bunch of worldly engineers about a drink named 'snakebite', which was a mixture of strong lager and cider to produce a concoction that makes you behave like a lunatic before spewing everywhere. Stories of backpackers drunk on snakebite climbing up walls and chutes were regaled, followed by a personal recollection by Marc of how he blacked out for 40 minutes during new year's eve in London after a snakebite bender, that the only explanation would be that he fainted while standing up!

  5. Being caught in the heavy downpour after Wang Wei's farewell drinks. When you're stuck in rain that's coming down like someone had just tipped over a gigantic bucket of water over your head, what else can you do but laugh? 

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