Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 302 - Coffee, fatty bacon, poorly photoshopped cat wrapping paper, job title: rock star, some stage of Project Home

On this beautiful sunny Sunday I...

...let out a heavy sigh. Oh coffee how I love you so, don't ever leave me.
Coffee you amazing thing you
...had a healthy dose of mushrooms and fatty bacon. ALL THAT TASTY CRISPY BACON FAT OMG
The breakfast of champions
...giggled hysterically at this wrapping paper of a bunch of poorly photoshopped kittens that all look very sad to be put together. (Of course I bought it, it was only $1!!!)
Why do these photoshopped cats look so sad to be around each other?
...laughed and wished that I could put down 'rock star' as my job title.
I'd love my job description to be rock star
...completed stage err I don't know 30? 500?! of Project Home. Yay!
Vietnamese oil paintings Andy Warhol's So Happy


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