Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 303 - The lightsaber laser pointer

I bought a new laser pointer for Snowflake today as she has exhausted the batteries of all 3 laser pointers I have around the apartment, and for some reason I can never find coin cell batteries...?!

But looking at the illustrations on the side of the box the laser pointer came in, I was almost confused that I had bought a lightsaber instead.

I mean, clearly the pictures are illustrating that you can use the laser pointer like a lightsaber to:
  1. Get rid of cobwebs, especially when unexpected guests drop by
  2. Fight clone troopers
  3. Look cool at a rave party
  4. Poke people in the colon
  5. Laser pointer/lightsaber uses
  6. Give to your baby to fight off those sneaky floating pagodas
  7. .....Poke big hard rocks while wearing your flowy robe? Or to cast spells on cave squatters while wearing your flowy robe??? 
  8. ...Fight... bushfires?
  9. Attack those pesky upside down monorails (they exist!)
  10. Laser pointer/lightsaber uses


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