Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 333 - Nice guy on the tram and surviving my 2nd Bikram yoga class

  1. My Dad once said to me a while ago with all the kindness in his heart, "You always seem to attract all the weirdos."

    In no way am I saying he's wrong, because he's absolutely right. For some bizarre reason unknown to me, weird strangers REALLY like approaching me on the street and talking to me. I must seem like a friendly approachable weirdo?!? There have been what seems like hundreds of requests for directions, a few "What are you doing tonight? Do you want to come to this party?" types, "What is that you're holding? Do you want to get a coffee with me? Where are you going? I'm just going to follow you around ha ha just joking", and even "I think I've seen you before, where do you work? Do you have e-mail?". I've had so many encounters with random weirdos that it now seems completely normal for a stranger to speak to me.

    I was at the tram stop today when a man who was carrying several bags of groceries - from what I could see it was lots of beer and some bread and fruit - asked me if I knew which way the tram was going. He then followed up with some questions around purchasing tram tickets. I asked if he had coins to purchase the ticket on the tram, he said he did, but he wasn't sure which ticket to get. I offered to help him buy his ticket for him and he flashed me a warm smile. He looked like he was in his late 30s, the bottom half of his face was covered in stubble, his light green eyes glowed and he had a slight slouch. I wondered whether he was going to drink all that beer himself.

    We boarded the tram together and I bought him his ticket. I looked around and groaned - the tram was full of rowdy school kids. Then, a boy about 10 years old looked up at me and asked if I would like to take his seat. I was too stunned to respond so I just smiled back with no thanks. A young boy with manners, who would've thought! The boy then proceeded to ask the groceries-carrying man if he would like to sit! I almost passed out from shock!

    I then had a chat with groceries-carrying man.. he seemed totally normal so far. He explained that he was from Sydney so he had no idea how to go about Melbourne's public transport as he usually caught taxis, and that he was in town for a conference. When the tram approached his hotel, I told him this was his stop to get off.

    He thanked me profusely and said, "You are very nice. You are very, very nice", then blew me a kiss before getting off the tram...!?!?!?

    I burst out laughing. As the tram moved along, I saw him crossing the street. He waved goodbye madly at me.

    For the rest of the tram ride, I pondered about how social interaction, relationships and connections between people, even between two random strangers, so strongly contributed to one's happiness.

  2. Dave decided to give Bikram yoga a go, so I went along for my second class. I gotta say, it was better this time around. I knew what to expect, I tied my hair differently, and I made sure I was properly hydrated. Sweated like a stressed horse from start to finish, it felt gruelling but I could see the light at the end of the hot and sweaty tunnel. 

  3. I did develop a slight headache after class, but I didn't throw up this time!! Fist pump! Success! I survived you Bikram!


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