Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 332 - Finally finding Milocrorze on DVD

Almost exactly a year ago during the 2011 Japanese Film Festival, I had the pleasure of watching what I believe is quite possibly the most insane, mind-boggling and ridiculously hilarious Japanese movie EVER (and we all know how insane, mind-boggling and ridiculously hilarious the Japanese can be). It was a movie called Milocrorze: A Love Story.

I mean, how could I not see it after reading this in the brochure?:
The sell-out opener to the New York Asian Film Festival this year, Milocrorze is pure spectacle - a sexy, genre-defying romp through the psychological landscape of three misfit male subjects in dogged pursuit of love. Unequivocably one of a kind, Milocrorze has left viewers over the world agog – as evidenced by some of the reviews out there (google it!). Don’t expect soggy vanilla romance with this one: Milocrorze has mojo by the bucketload. Bring it on.

And after reading the movie's synopsis (via Twitchfilm)?!:
When platinum redhead Ovreneli Vreneligare was just a little boy, he fell in love in the park. Sharing a juice box with the stunningly gorgeous Milocrorze, he took her home to his cat, Verandola Gorgonzola, and made her his girlfriend, until fickle beauty abandoned him, and he covered the hole in his heart with a pot lid he found lying on the ground. This is only the beginning of his story but it's not the end of his heartbreak. MILOCRORZE: A LOVE STORY is a candy-flavored anthology of hopeless l'amour, and it has many victims.

Cut to: Besson Kumagai, the worst and most famous youth counselor in the world, with a ridiculous moptop 'do and a propensity towards doing the "Thriller" dance. His pro-tips include tweaking a lady's nipples on the first date. "I give great advice to wimpy assholes," he snarls, spitting out chauvinistic tirades about "the enemy" (read: women) and filtering all potential interaction through a paranoid male gaze as he and his girltoys prance through vivid macho fantasies. Then it's on to lovelorn swordsman Tamon, trapped in a dystopic samurai hellscape, searching for his lost soulmate in a futuristic geisha house. Milocrorze herself is in neither of these stories, yet she is in all of them. She is the joke, she is the loss, she is the sadness and anger at the heart of the world.

And, especially, after watching this trailer?!?!:

I would have been a fool not to! Needless to say, I loved it. Absolutely LOVED IT. I raved about the movie (as well as the melodramatic but enchanting epic samurai swordfight in slow motion) to anyone who would listen, but Milocrorze turned out to be one of those movies that was ridiculously hard to explain... my friends either thought I was high, or looked at me in disbelief then asked if I had it on DVD. And that was that too - I really wanted to rewatch it, yet I simply could not find it anywhere. I searched high and low (on Google) for it but was always faced with disappointment.

Until now.

It's taken a year, but I've finally found it. Samuraidvd.com, you with your samurai DVDs and free shipping and crazy quick shipment have made me a happy girl!



    I too have been awaiting this film on DVD too. I went to see it during the film fest in Australia last year, and haven't been able to find it since.
    Adding to cart NOW! ^^

    1. Gosh tell me about it, I've been trying to look for it since last year too! It seemed like one of those really obscure and hard to find films.

      It actually arrived in the mail today. I'm really looking forward to rewatching it :)

    2. I also saw this movie on the same website but I was reluctant to buy it because I wasn't sure if it was Region 1, or it would work on my dvd player at all. Did it work when you watched it?

    3. I was unsure initially too as I wasn't sure if it would play.. the DVD case says it's Region 2, but it played fine on the Xbox (I'm in Australia which is Region 4). I figured I'd just risk it and get it as it's a pretty good price for such an elusive DVD, and would try and come up with a workaround later if it didn't work. The DVD itself does look a bit dodgy though, but I'm just happy that it played with no problems at all!

  2. Ah, I see. Thanks for your wonderful input and review on this dvd! I'm glad that you were able to watch it perfectly.

  3. I hate to be a party pooper but Samuraidvd.com sell pirated videos so if your anything like me and don't like stealing from creative artists who depend on royalties etc for their living you'll wait for a proper release.


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