Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 336 - It's December!

HOLY MACARONI I can't believe it's December already?! You know how everyone says the older you get, the faster time seems to fly by? It absolutely rings true for me. As you get older, you also start noticing that everyone around you says the same thing and can spend up to hours discussing and marvelling at how fast the year has whizzed by.

Today being the 1st of December means a few things:
  1. It's officially the first day summer.
  2. I can play Hanson's awesome Christmas album 'Snowed In' on high rotation without judgement!!!!!! I'M LISTENING TO IT NOW AS I TYPE OMG I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO DAMN MUCH OMG
  3. There's just one month left of this project to go..!! Well technically, anyway, because at this point in time as I type this there are still *gulp* 64 posts from July - November to catch up on.. gah! I will write those posts in due time (even if I don't finish doing that this year....), I promise!
I woke up this morning to these 'stars' in my room. So pretty. They get me every time. I've thought about getting rid of these curtains and installing blinds many times, but every time I see the stars shining they just take my breath away.
Daytime stars
Then I got some fresh flowers for the week,
Fresh flowers for the week
and took some time to smell the roses with Snowflake (fun fact of the day - those red and yellow striped roses are called abracadabra roses!).
Take time to smell the roses
Chrysanthemums always remind me of my home in Penang. Dad almost always buys chrysanthemums for home every week from the market. They also make me think of the chrysanthemum tea we drink at yum cha. They're such simple flowers, but each bud carries with it a lot of sweet-smelling joy and nostalgia.
I almost forgot - the 1st of December also means one more thing... CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!Christmas lights Christmas lights Christmas lights Christmas lights


  1. Hi, I was looking for a nice camera to buy and was browsing through pictures..then I stumbled upon ur blogs and flickr. Ur pictures look awesome! Can I know what lens are u using for ur pictures taken with DMC-GF1 and OMD EM5?

    1. Hi! Wow thanks so much! About 95% of my pictures are taken with the Lumix f1.7 20mm pancake lens, it's my absolute favourite :)


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