Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 34 - A tinge of hope, soup and domestic sillies

Last night was weird. I went to bed shivering, heck I was even shivering while taking a ridiculously hot shower, and I was feeling very light headed and nauseous. When I woke up this morning I was hot and sweaty... but the biggest shock came through when I realised I could breathe freely through my nose! My sinuses were completely clear! I lied in bed with a big smile on my face as I inhaled and exhaled deeply.

Of course, this relief was short lived, as I was soon coughing up bucket loads of phlegm. Bleh.

Yesterday, I drank 2 packets of Yuen Kut Lam's Kam Wo tea, which Chan swears by. It's composed of 28 different Chinese herbs, and inside the tea's packaging, it claims to be "Effective remedy for fever, head-ache, intoxicating, plague, vomiting, purging intermittent fever, inflammation, pain in the bones, indigestion, and cold. It can also heal the affection by the sun and allay thirst in the summer." The plague, for chrissake! I didn't feel instantly better after drinking it like this dude, but I definitely think it's doing something to help me feel better. I now, however, have a headache. Apparently this tea is pretty potent stuff and I later realised from reading the instructions written in Chinese that you should only have a packet a day. Uh oh.

So I had some more tea today (just 1 packet).
Yuen Kut Lam's Kam Wo Tea

What an appetising black concoction! I'm glad my senses are whack and I can't taste a thing.
Kam Wo Tea

Brett dropped off some soul-soothing ABC soup he cooked up for me, which helped to appease my grumbling tummy.
Soup for the soul

For the past few days I've been eating congee which has been reheated to the point where it starting resembling gruel. Nasty!

Later on at night, as I was leaning on my dining table chair feeling miserably sick, the chair fell apart (it's kind of an old chair that's been sat on a lot) and I literally fell off it. Apparently I was flapping my arms on the way down. It was all quite funny, and I found myself lying on my side on the carpet asking Brett, "What the hell just happened?!"

I also got Brett to help me refill the bean bag, as my previous attempts have been quite disastrous as demonstrated below.

After we filled the lining with all 4 rubbish size bags worth of beans, we realised we had to somehow stuff it into the bean bag cover through its very small opening. It took a good 10 minutes of pushing, shoving and endless fits of laughter over "that's what he said" "that's what she said" jokes.

The next time Snowflake pees on the bean bag, I'm throwing it out and buying a new one!


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